cannot stand the cuteness

IMG_20141122_083937103IMG_20141122_083930545IMG_20141121_154546986~2It’s been tough with three babies, but it is really rewarding.  Devon is a really good baby.  She is almost 4 weeks old, and twice this week slept 7 hours at night.  She loves her car seat and sleeps in it whenever we go out.  Thank goodness -no colic so far.  Still breastfeeding, but supplementing more and more.  She will nurse for 30 minutes, then root 45 minutes later.  With two other (very curious) babies nursing is tough.  I give her what I can, and for as long as I can, and I am at peace with it.

Back to work in 7 weeks.  Not happy about that!


About conceptionchronicles

I am a no drama mama, wife, and teacher. I love my life but want to add to the number of kiddies I have - and I am not talking about the kids I see from 7:00-3:00! Here is my struggle through infertility over the last 6 years. With the support of my husband and doctors I hope you can see me win my battle!
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One Response to cannot stand the cuteness

  1. I’ve heard the fourth baby raises themself :). Haha I’m sure it is far from true, but I’m glad she’s been such a good happy baby for you. All adorable babies.

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