life with 3 babies and a 2nd grader

Hello, poor neglected blog. I am still alive and well in the blogosphere. I am super busy with lots of kids and back at work. I only see the kids a couple hours a day after work and before bed, which sucks. But at least i see them on the weekends, and i have them all summer since i am a teacher. Four months to go…

Devon is doung well. She is almost 4 months old. Great napper, not a grat night sleeper. We started letting her cry a bit more and cut out the binky. She was sleeping through the night a 7 weeks, then stopped. She would wake when the binky fell out. She was waking 4 times a night and i was a zombie, 3 weeks before my return to work. Things are better now, though she still wakes around 4 for a feeding. This girl can eat!!! She is already 15.5 pounds, more than Grace (the smaller twin) was at a year. She is a very good baby. Mild tempered. She is content in her swing, mat, bouncy seat all day. No colic, thank goodness.

On a different note, i have been avoiding my blog for the last several months. I know several people personally that read my blog (my blog originally started as a way for friends to keep up on our journey) and i have been struggling with the purpose of an infertility blog after infertility. I would really like to journal about my crazy life, but would like to keep the bloggy friends i have made over the last 4 years in a place i could really let go. There are some major things going on in my life that i want to write about, but out of repect for my family, i dont want to blog about it. I hate gossip, and i dont lie. Ever. So not being true to myself on my blog feels like i am lying. And not blogging because i dont want to be gossiped about, or questioned (why didnt you tell me???) Is equally unapealing. I am at a crossroad in my life. I am cjrious, even excited, where my life will be in 6 months, a year, 5 years…


About conceptionchronicles

I am a no drama mama, wife, and teacher. I love my life but want to add to the number of kiddies I have - and I am not talking about the kids I see from 7:00-3:00! Here is my struggle through infertility over the last 6 years. With the support of my husband and doctors I hope you can see me win my battle!
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