5 minutes

It’s all I got!  The twins are upstairs napping and Devon is in the swing.  I am looking forward to having all 3 on the same nap schedule.  I am trapped in the house (or backyard) with napping babies.

Quick updates:

The twins turned two a couple weeks ago.  Time is flying by.  They are still very different in looks and weight.  Grace wears 18 month clothing, Ava wears 2 or 3T.  Grace is very feisty, Ava copies her sister.  They are constantly doing something they shouldn’t, then they turn at you and smile.  So hard to discipline them when they are so stinkin’ cute!

Devon is almost 9 months.  She is sweet as pie!  She blends right in.

School is out for the summer, so I am home with the 4 girls.  It can be tough at times to only do baby talk all day, but I do love it.  They are growing old too quick!cell phone pics 003 cell phone pics 003


About conceptionchronicles

I am a no drama mama, wife, and teacher. I love my life but want to add to the number of kiddies I have - and I am not talking about the kids I see from 7:00-3:00! Here is my struggle through infertility over the last 6 years. With the support of my husband and doctors I hope you can see me win my battle!
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