TTC Timeline

October 2004 – Start charting and trying the “old-fashion way”. Three months of negative home pregnancy tests (HPT) leave me feeling like something is wrong.  Start charting.

April 2005 – realize my charts are way off, OB-GYN prescribes 6 months of Clomid, no positive HPT.

November 2005 – RE appointment – diagnosis – don’t ovulate, low progesterone.  Proceed with Clomid IUIs.  Three attempts in 6 months.  All negative.  Stopped doing HPT.  Too depressing.

July 2006 – Injectibles with IUI – first time in a year and a half I don’t do a HPT and holy crap it is positive!!!  Beautiful baby girl born April 2007

July 2009 – Start trying for baby #2.  Injectibles with IUI – negative

August 2009 – Injectibles with IUI – negative.  Need a break.   Decide to take the school year “off” from infertility.

July 2010 – Injectibles with IUI – negative

August 2010 – Injectibles with IUI – negative.  How can this NOT work???  This is how I got pregnant with our first baby!?!?  Not getting any younger and we decide to move to IVF.

December 2010 – IVF #1 – canceled due to lack of ovarian response

May 2011 – IVF #2 – 6 eggs retrieved, 5 fertilize, 2 transfered day 3 – positive HPT!!!  Third beta didn’t double, suspectied ectopic, miscarry at 6.5 weeks.

August 2011 – IVF #3 – Three frozen embryos transfered – negative.

November 2011 – IVF #4 – canceled mid-suppression.  Pneumonia.  Ugh!

January 2012 – IVF #5 – Poor response to stimulation, 2 eggs retrieved, ICSI, assisted hatching, 2 embryos transferred day 2 – positive HPT!!!  Beta 1 is too low.  Beta two drops.  Depression sets in.

February 2012 – May 2012 – see infertility counselor to come to terms with using donor eggs.

June 2012 – IVF #6 – pick anonymous donor, contracts signed, start supression to syncronize our cycles. Donor gets her cycle and I start Lupron.  Donor stops returning RE calls after she starts her shots.

June 2012 – my best friend’s friend hears of our crazy saga and offers to donate to us!

July 2012 – Start supression to syncronize our cycles.

August 2012 – practice screws up and doesn’t get contracts signed, social worker appointment done in time, or day 3 ultrasound in time for her to start her suprression.  WASTED MONTH.  Start Lupron shots at end of month.

September 2012 – donor starts supression.  Gets a cyst because she ovulated while on the pill!  Lucky her.  Nurse says this means she is probably very fertile and will produce a lot of eggs.  IVF #7 is postponed until further notice…  and I am still doing my Lupron shot waiting for her cyst to shrink!  Ugh – so frustrating.

October 2012 – IVF #7 – Twelve donor eggs retrieved, 8 mature, 8 fertilize, day 3 transfer of two 8-cell embryos, 2 make it to blast and freeze.  Exactly one week after transfer – PREGNANT!  3w3d – strong positive at home.

November 14, 2012 – 5w4d – twins!

June 2013 – beautiful twin girls born at 38 weeks via C-section.

February 2014 – spontaneous pregancy

October 26, 2014 – 39 weeks, 2 days, girl #4 makes her big debut!


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  1. Sarah ish says:

    Congrats!! Life can happen so fast!!

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